King Crimson Diver
Fly from Pacific Salmon Series
Юрий Шумаков.

King Crimson Diver

NOTES: This fly is tied in the Russian bullet tube fly style and in fact is prototype, which hasn’t been tried yet. I tied it in preparation for my future visit for King salmon. This type of fly is quite specific. I use them for spring fishing for Atlantic and Baltic salmon when heavy current and cold water require big flies and a close to bottom presentation. In some places you need to present your fly deep on a very restricted fish lie. You can achieve a weight of fly as much as doubled compare to any bottle necked tubes available on world market. At the same time, this fly is perfectly balanced due to increasing of the cone heads size in the direction of the head of fly. The wing tied in sections within the whole body prevents the rear part of the body from hanging down and saves the fly silhouette. This fly can be tied for the use with a fixed or free swinging hook. It's a perfect bottom dragger with hook placed point(s) up. Most common combination of cone heads: S+S+M, S+M+M, S+M+L, M+M+L

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