Russian Bullet (Variant)
Fly from Kola Collection
Юрий Шумаков.

Russian Bullet (Variant)

NOTES: This type of fly is not a universal medicine, but just a part of my ammunition. I use this fly for the fourth season. Mostly for deep presentation of fly or on stretches with a very fast current like throat of pool after noticeable ripple zone or waterfall, as well as for quick presentation on very restricted and deep fish lies where fly works just a couple of seconds. Since I fish salmon only with double handed rod, there is no problem to operate with such "mother of bombs". For those who are used to fishing with heavy stuff loaded on single handed rod it will be acceptable too. Tying this fly is tricky, but just at the beginning. Most important is to use a fine a tying thread as possible and not extend the wing section materials long out from place of attachment. When you look for cone heads remember that not all of them are suitable for this type of fly. Shallow cone heads can not be used for the fly tying.

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